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Off Road Home Map Transmission and auto repair, lift kits installed near Grand Rapids

Please give us a call if you suspect a problem with your vehicle.  Our name says “transmissions” but the modern day automobile is a very complex  system of thousands of parts.

There are many “driveability” issues that can effect the way your car feels as you drive in various situations.

Many times you’ll need a “superior” technician to determine, for certain, whether or not it really is a transmission problem and not just a simple problem under the hood!

Likely every day, transmissions and transfer cases are condemned only to find the problem persists after the “new” one is installed.  Only when people are forced to think do they find the burnt plug wire, corroded connection, etc.

We’re ASE Certified experts in all facets of motor vehicle driveline repairs:

Automatic Transmissions

Manual Transmissions


Transfer Cases


CV Boots & Axles


Universal Joints


...and much more!

We have (2) two-post lifts and a

4-post drive-on for heavy duty vehicles

Late model VW Jetta in for a transmission overhaul

We also service most foreign cars!

Driveline diagnosis and repair is what we do; with over 25 years’ experience we do it well!