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At Superior Transmissions, it’s not just a name!

We demand OEM-quality or better parts when repairing or rebuilding components of your vehicle.

When considering a repair facility remember this:

There are two types of transmission technicians out there,

1)  Those who simply fix what failed.


2)  Those who figure out why it failed and fix that.

Owner and Master Tech Chris Elko is in the latter group.

The automotive repair aftermarket is full of many engineering “fixes” that address problems that were there when your vehicle first drove off the assembly line.

Experience in knowing what works and what won’t is one aspect of your repair you won’t see right away.

We won’t compromise, we want your vehicle to last many more years beyond the warranty period.  If a part is questionable, we’ll set it aside and find a replacement we’re confident in.  It’s that simple.

These are just some of the many certificates showing completion of the intense technical seminars attended.