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Off Road Home Map Transmission and auto repair, lift kits installed near Grand Rapids

  As a child, owner Chris Elko was always messing around with everything, trying to figure out what made it tick.  Automatic transmissions were  a mystery to him, so many little inconspicuous parts that he knew had to have a purpose.   He soon discovered he had a knack for disassembling transmissions and within a few minutes could identify the failure point.  Not always difficult to find a broken part and say “Yeah, that’s it”.  The big challenge is to find out exactly why the failure occurred.  That’s where his mind kicks in; an intuitive understanding of the working processes at play to determine the root-cause chain of events.

He figures there’s no point in putting something back together and not knowing why, it would only come back again and again until he figures it out!

  In 2002 he saw an opportunity to open his own business.  A shop where he could practice what it means to “love thy neighbor”.  He’d found the perfect building, in the perfect location near the quaint town of Cedar Springs.  As a long-time resident of the area, he knew this was a great town to start and grow a business. Superior Transmissions is located about 15 minutes north of the Grand Rapids Metro area, see our map page here.

  Fred Misner is our manager and has been in this industry for over 15 years.  He has been with Superior Transmissions since day one, usually he’s the friendly voice greeting you when you call.  

It’s our business philosophy to treat our customers like family and with the utmost respect.

 It’s an honor to have your trust placed in us to take care of your vehicle and we don’t disappoint!